Halloween Pub Crawl

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The ghosts are out, the witches about, time will tell, if you're under the spell.  Oregon City Takeover invites you (if you care) to a trip down Main Street (if you dare).  Will you survive the Oregon City Pub Crawl?

The Halloween Pub Crawl is back with a slightly new twist. This year we are adding to the fun and having an epic costume contest!


The Bloodbath Award – From zombies to monsters to horror icons with exposed guts, severed limbs, and anything soaked in red food coloring. This award goes to the person with the bloodiest, goriest costume!

Most Technologically Advanced Award – Some costumes require a bit more technical prowess than others. These outfits involve lights, moving parts, and wiring. This award goes to the person with the most technically awesome costume. 

The Best Duo or Group Award – two or more needed to compete for this award.  From pairs like Jane & Tarzan, to trio's like the 3 musketeers or SIX like the Brady bunch!  You will need to bring at least two or more to complete your costume!

Most Likely To Get You Arrested Award – this award pushes the boundaries of the most inappropriately-appropriate.  Our winner will nose right up to inappropriate but not quite cross over of the line.  

The Best MakeUp Award – some of the best costumes involve the art of makeup.  In fact there are entire TV shows dedicated to this art.  Who has what it takes to take home the BEST MAKEUP Award?

The Weirdest Superhero Award – Yep you heard right.  We want to see your superhero costumes with a weird twist.  Anyone can do spiderman or superman, but not everyone can make it unique!

The Best DIY Costume Award – Homemade creations is what this category is all about.  We want to see your creativity with this award. Nothing store bought about it!

The Best Costume Of The Night Award – This is the ONE costume of the night that everyone is talking about, and not only for that night but for years to come!

Prizes: Info Coming Soon! 

The Bloodbath Award:

Most Technologically Advanced Award:

The Best Duo or Group Award:

Most Likely To Get You Arrested Award:

The Best MakeUp Award:

The Weirdest Superhero Award:

The Best DIY Costume Award:

The Best Costume of the Night Award:

Winners will be announced on social media the week following the contest.  Make sure to tag OC takeover so we can let you know if you have won!

Check in at Modified Inc. 916 Main St and get ready to have a spooky fun night!  Check in time is 4:30-7:00 PM.  

During the evening (6-9PM) venture down to Corner 14 to be judged by our panel of 3 local judges.  Make sure to tell them what catergory you are competing for and get your picture taken in front of the 14!

We hope to see you all out there! 

Happy Halloween!





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